Friday, March 20, 2009

Still The One

Hey y'all we've been living in Jersville for the last month and its time we gave him some love. Last night we shared some Friendly's ice cream and a few good laughs with our buddy Jerry.

"My husband bought me Dance With Me: The Best of Orleans for Christmas and I've been happily humming along to it ever since. As I mentioned in a previous post, John Hall of Orleans is now a Democratic Congressman who got great election exposure on The Colbert Report. There are great liner notes on this CD and lots of pictures of the guys in the band then (1975) and now (1997). Even with the beards they kinda always looked like a friendly bunch of guys!"


  1. I interned in the House in 2007. John Hall is a badass and doing great things to try and reduce our nuclear arsenal and defense spending. Wooo Orleans!

    And I think this post is the first in about a series of three or four that leads to one of the members of Yeasayer announcing a run for public office. I'd work on that campaign.