Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dick's Sporting Goods

Foot Locker! I love the shoes. I love the fact that the employees wear referee jerseys and everything but wft I JUST CAN'T HANG WITH THE PRICES!! Last week I needed to get a real p.h.a.t. pair of Jordan IIVs
I totally bought them but they did not improve my game AT ALL! I mean I was hitting airballs and I was getting schooled left and right by Ira and his elbowtastic-wonky-Micky Rourke- wrestler skills. This never used to happen. I was, like, the 9th best player on  my high school JV basketball team. 
So OMG, if you think that getting a new pair of p.h.a.t. Jordan IVs from Foot Locker is going to improve your game... THINK AGAIN! Shop Dick's Sporting Goods for great deals on guns, racketballs, and AND 1 sneakers.


  1. OMG what dus dis hafta do w/ the music?!?!?!
    u guys r not into music nemore i heard
    GETT!!!!!! aJOB,THEN!!!!
    MYB come hang out in a big city environment on an educational radioshow???there's also a radioshack nearby we can chill outside of.
    Hit me back if yr up 4 the challenge!!
    R else we're gonna say yall's jams r weak!!!!
    -the radio@college
    p.s. we hate michael jordan, he is our city's o n l y downfall.

  2. I once owned a pair Emit Smith sneakers when I lived in Miami when I was 10. Some kid that was bigger than me asked me to "try them on" (aka steal) and I told him "I dont think these are your size man".