Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello fans of Yeasayer!
Interesting fact:
Did you know that "Blog" is an abbreviation for "Web Log?"
This makes things much more cooler, isn't it?

Enough history lessons though :)lol, Let's get fun!

So here I am, all alone in a cabin in the woods. How do I mentally prepare for a day of recording with just myself?


Well preparation is really important. You must do a lot of thinking, and stretching too.
Think outside the box! lol. ;)

First order of business, getting dressed for the day: 

I am thinking jeans are too fancy for being alone in a cabin, so I remembered, "A ha!" I recently purchased a pair of Medium Size, Grey Sweatpants from Foot Locker in Kingston, NY. For those Yeasayer fans not familiar with Foot Locker, this is a great store that you should definitely check out! Yes, they have shoes and shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes and cleats, basketball shoes, and even casual fun shoes for parties. But what you might not realize is that they have really cool accessories too, like socks,  headbands, and wristbands, those are good too! lol
I notice that the rest of the band decided to get super organized while I was back in New York. They got a Dry Erase board and started to write ideas for song titles and album titles on it. Great idea guys! Every song should definitely have a title. So I thought to catch up I should start brainstorming some ideas after I ate breakfast. Here are the titles I thought of:

Sugar in the Raw
Recycling Ain't Easy
Stove Won't Light
I (Like my Cereal Hot)

Sometimes inspiration can be from things that are right around you! 

Well, time to get to work! See you soon! 

Captain's Log star date March 3 2009 signing off! Singing on! lol:)


  1. I can't wait to hear the new jams!
    Who is doing the artwork for the album?

  2. Hot Cereal Blearg!

    Love you guys. Write often.

  3. I live in New Paltz, just south of Woodstock. There's a dirty bar here called Snug Harbor with an internet jukebox and I play tracks from All Hour Cymbals on it all the time.

    Open mic there every Tuesday night. Let's jam next week. :)

  4. Foot Locker is really a finest store to get athletic shoes.

  5. i am so excited to see what kind of wintery, potentially dancey rock gem is going to come out of all this!

  6. "Stove won't Light" <--- Crack up!

  7. A real dense layer of sarcasm epitomizes the tone of this blog

  8. comfortable pants are key for any endeavor, i find.