Friday, May 7, 2010

Ben withdrawal...

First Sleigh Bells left us, and now Ben is gone, and yet the neverending tour continues...
In honor of Ben, here are some photos of some of his artwork, which is currently being exhibited in Baltimore at the Nudashank Art Gallery.

H&H Arts Building
405 W. Franklin St.
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201


  1. Was noticing that "neverending" bit! (More live show vids keep popping up on YT.) Is this good or bad? Here's hoping y'all get sufficient opportunity to veg, somewhere in there! :-)

  2. ...and much kudos to Ben and his funkeh colors! :-)

  3. Ben's website is full of such great art pieces! He's an amazing artist, and he's obviouly influenced Yeasayer's whole visual concept in great measure, call it cover art, videos, live show props, et. al. I really love his style. Two thumbs up for him. I would give him more if I had more hands!

  4. This stuff is cool but WHERE are the lyrics to The Children!? I can't find them anywhere and I need them bad.

    -Ben from MN

  5. noo! it's okay. I caught you all of you in Montréal (great), and I'm seeing you both separately in London, UK. Please playy Red Cave at Koko! I screamed it before and I'll do it again!