Monday, March 22, 2010

Europe Tour Over!

A little something to commemorate the last show of ODD BLOOD European Tour 2010.

Music: Excerpted from the song "Butterfly" off the album Wondervisions by Delicate Steve
Lights: Benjamin Phelan


  1. Best live act I've seen in a while!Glad you came to Amsterdam.
    x Marieke

  2. I have to agree, the thing i liked best
    that there was no way of saying in wich way the show would develop but it kept getting better with every song. Cool. And good to hear that you like our city so much. Marike. (same name)

  3. I saw you in Madrid. Great gig, great tunes, great band! Please, come back soon

  4. guys, I am so super excited for you coming to Poland in July!!!!

  5. Anand, you should quit band and just make video! this better than anything you done yet! jk!
    ha ha ha?

  6. Please come to Mexico!
    You're awesome!