Thursday, June 4, 2009

Break for Showtime

It has fallen quiet on the blog because Yeasayer has left their retreat to practice for some upcoming summer shows!  These gigs will feature a new stage line up as well as the band playing tracks from the forthcoming record due later later later.  Expect news on a fabulous October tour happening somewhere in Europe!!!

Tour dates are here:

The band will return to finish their next long player after their summer shows and we hope to have a final long-player in the can by September.  We are pushing for a single in October and the full length release in the first part of 2010.   Trust me, its not that far away.

Enjoy your summer.

Sir James Winnie


  1. Luke's gone I think. Ah a new Europe tour, yes :)

  2. Thanks for coming to charlottesville, you guys blew it up.

    P.S.: Thomas Jefferson vs. Frederick Douglas? Haha

  3. Come to the Roskilde Festival next year and repeat last year's succes! I am indeed looking forward to your next record!