Saturday, April 4, 2009

Touch.  Today we found a new band member.  We are still searching for a miniature keyboard.  

Sound.  I haven't been to the cave in a couple weeks, so it was exciting to return and hear how the new sounds are growing.  We talked late at night about crash cymbal placement.

Sight.  We are filming some treats this weekend.

Taste.  This was my cutest post to date.  


  1. we love you :): Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia :):

  2. What an adorable addition to the group, dress him up in a little wifebeater and take him on tour!

    ANd come to Malta.. We adore u. If uve got no idea where that is, google it, then come!

    :) xxx

  3. i thought you guys were recording in upstate new york somewhere??? there are geckos in upstate new york?? what??