Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tech Tool Out Session.
We put the harmonium in the bathtub with water running and mic'd it with a Neuman U-87. We got nice warm compression with our Distressor set to the wacky British 1:1 setting. The API 512c is the only preAmp that I am familiar with but we spilled honey on it so it is stuck at a really high gain which gives everything a BOOST. 
For dinner we had clam chowder and Lentil soup and Beef Taquitos. There is now a line for the bathroom. We will mic that too.  


  1. Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves - can't wait for the new album and for you to come back to England. We're waiting...

  2. Hey dudes,

    hello from Amsterdam, from Sjoerd, first-tour-sleep-over-guy.
    Great news that you guys are recording a new one! Can't wait to hear the new stuff.
    All that tweaking and OG stuff looks promising.

    Oh yeah, and come back to Amsterdam.

  3. mic-ing the bathroom breaks, too? ha! good one.

  4. Excited to see you guys at Bonnaroo!!

  5. wouldn't a compression ratio of 1:1 not do anything at all? jealous of the distressor, wish i had one of those. can't wait to hear the record!